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The most expensive one-bedroom condos in Austin

How the (sometimes literally) upper half (99%?) live

Sure, we know Austin’s growth requires increasing housing density. Much of that density, it seems, is happening downtown, and with a very luxurious bent.

To give you some idea of just how luxurious condo offerings in the central city can be, we looked to real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX, which provided us with this handy, informative, interactive chart.

A few things that stand out:

The most expensive 1 bedroom apartments currently for sale in Austin range from $534,900 (1401 Eva Street #11A, a far-from-bland spot just off South Congress Avenue) to $999,500 (98 San Jacinto Boulevard #1002, a unit in the Four Seasons residences).

According to Constantine Valhouli, co-founder of NeighborhoodX, however, the most expensive listings aren't necessarily the most expensive per square foot: 98 San Jacinto Street asks $855/square foot, while 200 Congress Avenue #40BB asks $1,047/square foot. "200 Congress Avenue is a smaller unit, so appears to be less expensive when ranked by listing price," said Valhouli.

In terms of size, the most expensive one-bedroom condos range from 641 square feet (210 Lavaca St. #3109)) to 1,737 sq.f. (3200 Grandview St. #15)