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Lake Estates contemporary asks $525K

Compact, mod home feels surprisingly roomy

We were slightly hesitant to feature this home when we first saw it on Creede Fitch’s website. Something about the glass brick, or maybe the track lighting and copious skylights, or the all-black kitchen, reminded us of things we were perhaps overly fond of in the late 1980s (it was actually built in 2002).

But those things are personal and, besides, the update they’re given here—along with more contemporary features—lends an overall light, inviting, and comforting effect. It somehow seems sleek and modern but cozy.

With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, the 1,879-square-foot home is a one-story, but its high ceilings and large windows give the impression of greater height (and light).

Admittedly, we are most drawn to the back courtyard and grounds. Located on a little over a quarter of an acre in the Austin Lake Estates subdivision near Emma Long Metropolitan Park, it provides owners opportunity access to a private lakefront park and so on. But, frankly, the private garden behind the house, with outdoor living areas and a hot tub, look like they’d be hard to venture beyond.

2700 De Soto Drive [Moreland Properties]

2700 De Soto Drive [Creede FItch]