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Austin is rilly, rilly, rilly popular

Second only to some town in Florida, says report

In one of those irritating, slideshow-style stories that are the preferred method for announcing this sort of thing, U.S. News & World Report recently delivered news (in the form of a report) that most local residents have heard so often we either tune it out or are gripped anew with terror every time we hear it: Austin is a really, really popular place to move to.

More specifically, the magazine (is it still a magazine?) reported that from 2010 through 2014, Austin was more popular than all but one other large U.S. city. Who beat us out for the Most Popular crown? Fort Meyers, Fla. (because: retirees, basically).

While the report calls its list "desirability" rankings, it looks like the main factor determining a city’s place on it is net migration, or how many people moved there minus how many left. Austin’s is 8.86 percent, it says.

Other stats cited include—and remember these are for the whole area, not just the central city, and also go up to 2014 only—metro population (1,805,016), median annual salary ($48,150), and median home cost ($240,000). What, no median temperature?

Oh, and there was something about a "blossoming job market for the tech industry." Mayor Adler must be very proud.

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