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Buy this casita and pretend you live in Taos

1948 home in Travis Heights is small and adorable

For fans of the distinctive stucco structures found throughout the Southwest, this home is pretty special. While the location in the Travis Heights neighborhood in South Austin lacks the arid climate or special light of many of those places, those are just about the only clues the property gives that you’re still in Austin.

Built in 1948, the stucco-and-beam home is surrounded by large, mature trees that provide a light-dappling canopy above it. The property is partially fenced—some of it with the type of wooden coyote fencing also found in areas where the type of home is common.

The house measures 733 square feet and has one bedroom and one bathroom. Some of the interior is simple, as is appropriate to the style, but it has parquet floors, gorgeous tiling in the bathroom, the aforementioned porch, and an enclosed back area behind a barn-type door.

It’s also located near South Austin landmarks including Little Stacy Park and the lovingly crafted mosaic informally called the Larry Monroe Memorial Bridge, in honor of a much-beloved and well-regarded local radio deejay.

1401 Alameda Drive [Estately]