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The best trick-or-treating neighborhoods in Austin, ranked

River city nabs 16th spot in U.S. rankings

For the eighth year in a row, Zillow announced the 20 best cities in the nation for trick-or-treating. Topping the list was Philadelphia, but a newcomer—that would be Austin—came in at No. 16. Not too shabby for our debut.

When evaluating each city, Zillow looks at an area’s median home value, density of single-family homes, crimes rates, and age of population. By using these factors, the real estate site evaluates where children can get the most candy, in the least amount of time, and in the safest areas.

When breaking down the data in Austin, Zillow determined which neighborhoods are the best bets for this year’s Halloween. Here are (drum roll) its picks Austin’s top five trick-or-treating neighborhoods:

  1. Windsor Road
  2. South Manchaca
  3. Allandale
  4. Rosedale
  5. Crestview

If you want to take a closer look at the data or see which other cities ranked in Zillow’s top 20, go here.