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1970s time capsule with mad potential asks $649K

Barton Hills split-level

The aggressive style of the 1970s is a kind of a love/hate thing, but there’s no shame in coming down on the "love" side of the equation. We know some of you plotz over paneling, sigh over shag carpeting, weep over wrought-iron railings, and are awestruck by all manner of odd angles and room levels.

If that’s the case, have we got a home for you. This 1974 split-level is located on a Barton Hills cul-de-sac (very 70s), and it has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Almost all of the floors (including bathrooms!) are covered with plush, mottled-green or gold-brown shag that actually looks like it's in decent shape.

There appear to be at least three living areas in the 2,076-square-foot home—one a lower-level rumpus-room/conversation pit with angled stone fireplace—plenty of period-style wood cabinets and walls, and green-yellow formica kitchen counters.

Here’s the thing, though: Even if the decorative elements are not your style, this place is a great candidate for a contemporary remodel. The front of the home presents with interesting, classic lines. The big, open areas and multiple levels could certainly be updated in a chic manner, and there’s stuff going on in back, including a second-story balcony, a patio, and a lower-level, screened-in porch, that seem to have potential as a back yard retreat/oasis.

Could come down to a coin toss, though all will agree that the floral bathroom wallpaper must go.

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