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Flexible Central East home /office space asks $1.88M

Storied 1920 property offers options

This 1920s structure located in Central East Austin, blocks from downtown, has a varied and storied history, mostly as a rental property of legend—and, until recently, a rental that was passed down through close-knit communities of friends.

It has two stories and, most recently, has been marketed as an office and a live-work space, but it still reads somewhat as a traditional single-family home.

There are actually two two-story buildings on an almost 10,000-square-foot lot, separated into three units (and the listing proposes that it could be four individual units). Any or all can be used as residential, commercial, or some combination of properties that could manifest in the fever dreams of potential owners.

Interestingly, there is a full blown professional recording studio in one unit, in the bottom floor/basement. The entire property measures 3,578 square feet, with a total of seven bedrooms and four bathrooms, a garage/storage area, and a backyard with patio and balcony.

1175 Navasota Street [Estately]