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East Austin farmhouse is an urban delight

Holly neighborhood house asks $415K

We’re a bit touchy about the urban farmhouse style, and we feel we are not alone. It’s a refreshing take on modern and contemporary minimalism that we needed a break from. And done in the spirit of an actual converted barn, it can be quite lovely.

But it’s easy to overdo, and it’s easy to clutter it up. Add to that the current fashion for painting houses dark and darker gray (which, in Austin, is great, especially if you have an AC budget with no upper limit) is getting tired awfully quickly.

Nevertheless! This 2013 single-family home caught our eye, and then our fancy. That’s partly because the exterior presents as balanced, if not exactly minimal. But mostly it’s because the interior layout and decor, as well as the outdoor spaces, look like they’d be a joy to inhabit.

The 902-square-foot home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with both one- and two-story sections. It has a newly landscaped and fenced-in yard with fun-looking spaces to hang out, alley access to its carport, and built-in custom shelving and window treatments. Plus: It’s in the lovely Holly neighborhood.