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Highest and lowest home prices in September

From downtown to Pflugerville

In an ongoing series for Curbed Austin, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX is taking a close look at sales price ranges per square foot in different neighborhoods. Today, after more number crunching, it has issued a report that consolidates the average and range of asking prices for the neighborhoods it covered in September.

In September, the price range for Austin properties ranged from $130 to $1,658 per square foot.

At the low end of the range, $130/square foot was the most affordable listing in East Riverside-Oltorf, while $1,658/square foot was the most expensive listing Downtown.

On a per-square-foot basis, the upper end of Old West Austin ($908/square foot) was also notable..

The average price per square foot in Zilker ($418/square foot) was more expensive the than the priciest listings in MLK/East MLK ($414/square foot), Northwest Hills/Far West ($383/square foot), and Windsor Park ($341/square foot).

You can read the full, interactive chart below.

Austin: Consolidated neighborhood price ranges [Neighborhood X]