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House stuck in street now has a Twitter account, of course

Travis Heights’ long nightmare continues

When local news outlets, including the Austin American-Statesman, reported Sunday that a house was stuck in the middle of a South Austin street, neighbors were annoyed, others were amused, and everyone thought the problem would be resolved quickly.

Austin Home Movers were attempting to move the house from Live Oak Street to (of course) Lockhart—everyone’s new favorite suburb—when it proved to wide for the street, where they abandoned it Saturday night. The house is still there, to the consternation of neighbors and to the amusement of everyone else. One wiseacre set up signs advertising it as a haunted house (it’s not), social and other media chimed in, and, inevitably, it now has its own Twitter account (@stuckhouseATX). Oh, internet.

House stuck in the street on Live Oak. Oops.

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How you just going to leave a whole house in the middle of the road SMH lmao

Posted by Jr Almaguer on Sunday, October 2, 2016

Like Austin traffic but hate having to drive to it? You too can live right in the middle of an authentic Austin traffic jam!

Posted by James Munson on Monday, October 3, 2016