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Central East Austin rent right now, from high to low

A new rental series with NeighborhoodX

Our friends at real estate analytics site NeighborhoodX are at it again, this time launching a new series that take a look at rent by neighborhood. We’re honored to report that its first analysis is of one-bedroom apartments in Central East Austin.

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the neighborhood is $1,575 per month. However, the individual properties range from $1,265/month (for a 490-square-foot apartment at 1314 Rosewood Avenue #106) to $2,150/month (a 1,185s-square-foot apartment at 2305 Coronado Street, Unit B)

In order to compare the asking rents for different-sized apartments, the site also analyzed rental prices on a per-square-foot basis. For the listings that included square footage, the monthly rent per square foot ranged from $1.81 (2305 Coronado Street, a three-story detached unit just reduced to $1,290/month) to $2.58 (1314 Rosewood Avenue #106, a one-bedroom apartment asking $1,265/month).

In other words, according to listing price, these two units were the most and least expensive, respectively. But according to rent/sq.ft., their positions were reversed. This is because 2305 Coronado is a comparatively large unit, while 1314 Rosewood is a smaller unit.