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Stunning photos of the ‘Supermoon’ over Austin

The rare celestial occurrence hasn’t happened in nearly 70 years

If you happened to be outside the past couple of nights, you probably noticed that the moon looked much bigger and brighter than it normally does. The hard-to-miss, so-called “supermoon” was the largest full moon that Austinites have seen in nearly 70 years—and the largest it will see until 2034.

Although supermoons in general aren’t terribly rare—they occur when the moon is full or close to full at the same time it’s as close to the Earth as it gets in its elliptical orbit. But the Nov. 14 supermoon was at its brightest because the moon was completely full this time around (technically, that happened in the very early morning of Nov. 14, but the show was still pretty spectacular both that night and the one before).

Here’s a look at some of the best Instagram and Twitter photos of the supermoon over Austin. Do you have any you’d like to share? Be sure to send us a message at or share a link to your photo in the comments section below.

The #supermoon over the Austin skyline. #atx

A photo posted by Samantha Huang (@shuang.jpg) on

Tonight the #Supermoon2016 shone brightly over the #LBJLibrary. Credit to our photographer Jay Godwin for the incredible capture.

A photo posted by LBJ Presidential Library (@lbjlibrarynow) on