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Look inside the gorgeous new [Bracketed Space] House

Matt Fajkus Architecture’s beautifully realized Rollingwood contemporary

We’ve been watching this Matt Fajkus Architecture project since we spotted the renderings online a few months ago. Considering the parties involved, it’s not exactly surprising that its realization, by Brodie Builders, is as jaw-dropping as the original vision was—but it’s stunning and exciting nevertheless.

The 4,849-square-foot home is called [Bracketed Space] House for reasons that are probably apparent: The space is carefully framed to allow a natural procession through grounds and house with clearly set-off, private and public wings joined by a glass "dining bridge."

A continuous retaining wall that jogs through exterior and interior, negotiating the natural grade of the land and bringing it all together around a backyard pool and patio.

All indoor spaces in open up to a courtyard, where terraces lead to tree canopy, and, with the light touch of landscaping by Open Envelope Studios, create an easy and clear transition to the outdoors.

The five-bedroom, five-bathroom Rollingwood home has many artfully placed windows and window-walls, as well as floor-to-ceiling Fleetwood doors leading to the back patio, that continue that connection to the outdoors throughout the home. Warm, gorgeous finishes and original touches by interior designer Joel Mozersky bring a welcoming quality to the peaceful minimalism.