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Highest & lowest home sales asking prices in October

Price check!

In an ongoing series with Curbed Austin, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX is taking a close look at sales price ranges per square foot in different neighborhoods. Today, after more number crunching, it has issued a report that consolidates the average and range of asking prices for the neighborhoods it covered in October.

In October, the prices for the neighborhoods that we analyzed ranged from $132/square foot (the lowest priced property in MLK/East MLK) to $1,659/square foot (for the most expensive property downtown).

The average neighborhood price spanned from $216/square foot (Pecan Springs/Springdale) to $238/sq(MLK/East MLK) at the lower end up $441/square foot in West Lake Hills, Zilker at $443/square foot, and Downtown $611/square foot).

While Zilker and West Lake Hills had comparable low-end and average numbers (Zilker's $217 and $443 to West Lake Hills' $180 and $441), Zilker's upper end was only $694, compared to West Lake Hills' $1,259—second only to Downtown’s in this analysis.