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Austin’s airport is a holiday nightmare, says survey

But there’s live music!

If you’re flying somewhere for the holidays, here’s something you might want to know: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is among the worst in the country for holiday travel, according to NerdWallet.

The credit-card/financial advice site analyzed the 50 busiest airports across the United States according to criteria such as delays, flight cancellations, and available food outlets. It included November and December cancellations for the past three years; restaurant ratings data came from Yelp.

Out of the 50, Austin came in at No. 40, right above Dallas Love Field. Unsurprisingly, Dallas-Fort Worth International came in last, yet another point of perverse pride for the Metroplex.

You can read the full report below.

The 10 Best Airports for Holiday Travel [NerdWallet]