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East Austin Studio Tour: 25 Instagram favorites

Art, artists, people in the streets, and more from the 2016 event

There’s something about the East Austin Studio Tour that summons words like “encouragement” and “fun” and “happiness” and “home.”

The tour, which took place over the past two weekends, in its 15th year, is imbued with the essence of Austin: inventive, artful, beautiful, and talented—but also easygoing, goofy, and a little nose-thumbing.

In other words, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s exactly what it says it is: an extremely informal galavant around the workspaces of a huge range of Austin artists that doubles as the city’s biggest block party.

Below is a small selection out of the thousands of Instagrams taken during the 2016 tour. See ya next year!

A photo posted by DwainTX (@dwaintx) on

#eastaustinstudiotour #attackonaustin

A photo posted by Grant Perkins (@perkalater79) on

@xyzatlas simply amazing work #fisterrastudio #chenoweth #eastaustinstudiotour #austinart @bigmediumaustin thank you

A photo posted by Dan Skarbek (@rocknrollatx) on

Austin never disappoints and always serves as the best backdrop for instagram photos

A photo posted by Kara ☀️ (@karajo__) on

bullseye strike beyonce i'm gunna let you finish but, @artbygent won #east2016 #eastaustinstudiotour

A photo posted by ann louise sullivan (@annlouisesullivan) on

@zipperwayne marvelous #east2016 #eastaustinstudiotour @bigmediumaustin #austinart

A photo posted by Dan Skarbek (@rocknrollatx) on

Yupp #austin #eastaustinstudiotour #artist #perfectday

A photo posted by koolme007 (@koolme007) on

Missing Natalie Ready Art EAST 164. Get out there!

A photo posted by Samuel Grimes (@samgrimesyes) on

Container jumping is our new favorite sport. #dueeast #friday @redswec

A photo posted by Big Medium (@bigmediumaustin) on

r.i.p. leonard cohen. #eastaustinstudiotour #leonardcohen #atx

A photo posted by dave antonio leal (@supa_dave) on

Another #fork (and #spoon) in the road. #eastaustinstudiotour #art #detail #austin #atx

A photo posted by The details of Austin, Texas. (@austincloseup) on