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Here’s your weekend street closures map for the Texas Book Festival

Capitol grounds and surrounds

The annual Texas Book Festival, taking place this weekend, is one of the happiest of Austin events, with readers running around the Capitol, pumped to hear from and perhaps meet their favorite authors and convene with other book lovers.

Those not so into the fest, though, might be (very) slightly inconvenienced by a few road closures around the area. Here are streets to avoid, along with a map—you can find a a bigger one here.

Congress Avenue

Between 11th Street and Eighth Street

West 11th Street

Between Lavaca Street and Congress Avenue

West 12th Street

Between Lavaca Street and Colorado Street

Closure time: 11/3 9 AM–11/7 2:00 PM

Colorado Street

Between West 12th Street and West 11th Street

Closure time: 11/3 9 AM–11/7 2:00 PM

East 11th Street

(Partial Closure)

Between Brazos St and San Jacinto St

Eastbound lanes will remain open.

Ninth and 10th Streets

Between Colorado Street and Brazos Street

No through traffic. Local traffic only.