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The 10 most expensive homes in Pecan Springs/Springdale

Prices still in reach for some in East Austin neighborhood

Ranch-style home with peaked roof and grid of four big windows center front
4816 Carson Hill Drive
Coldwell Banker

Our friends at NeighborhoodX, a site for analyzing real-estate trends on a micro-level, are at it again. Its new series of analyses looks at the 10 most expensive properties in emerging neighborhoods, in order to provide a sense of the upper end of what buyers are open to paying to live in an area that is still changing.

Small new condo kitchen with gray and brown color scheme, breakfast bar
3108 East 51st Street Unit 504 (model)

Today's analysis focuses on Pecan Springs/Springdale. Located in the northern part of East Austin, the neighborhood is bordered by Mueller and Windsor Park to the west. The southern boundary is Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, and the eastern one is Ed Bluestein Boulevard.

Pecan Springs-Springdale is an established neighborhood that has been and continues to be home to many of the area’s African American community and political leaders. While it has seen a rise in gentrification, it has taken place more slowly than in areas closer to downtown, and it continues to offer some solid, relatively affordable housing.

In Pecan Springs/Springdale, the 10 most expensive properties on the market ranged from $374,900 to $569,900.

On a per-square-foot basis, these properties ranged from $154 to $263 per square foot.