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Curbed Cup Round 1: the results

Readers chose the final four neighborhoods to face off next week

After a grueling week of competition, the first round of Curbed Cup 2016 (Curbed Austin’s first!) is over. If your neighborhood advanced, don’t over-celebrate; you’re going to need that energy for the next two weeks of competition.

Here’s the recap of this past week:

On the first day of Round 1 of Curbed Cup 2016, booming Downtown crushed bucolic suburb Bee Cave in user votes.

On Tuesday, East César Chavez proved to its namesake that yes, yes it could and took out Bouldin Creek in reader votes to advance to round two.

Wednesday, lower-ranked Clarksville upset the rapidly developing East Riverside-Oltorf neighborhood in an upset.

On the last day of Round 1, North Loop prevailed, winning more votes than Govalle in their matchup.

Stay tuned for next week’s Round 2 of Curbed Cup, when the final four neighborhoods fight for a chance to be deemed Curbed Cup 2016 winner. If your neighborhood advanced, don’t forget to share the love and vote next week!