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Here’s what it costs to buy in Govalle right now

Homes in the eclectic Eastside range

Small gray house with red door
2817 Castro Street

In an ongoing series for Curbed Austin, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX is taking a close look at sales price ranges in different neighborhoods. Today, it’s checking out numbers in the Govalle neighborhood.

Govalle is an eclectic area full of art studios; small, older homes; taquerias and new restaurants along the river, which is its southern border. Airport Boulevard is its eastern boundary, and Webberville and Pleasant Valley roads form the western side. It’s capped off by a small stretch of Oak Springs Drive to the north.

The current average listing price in Govalle is $306 per square foot. However, the individual properties that go into that average range from $223 per square foot (3004 Castro Street) to $435 per square foot (3401 Kay Street).

"Our analysis excluded properties primarily positioned as development sites," said NeighborhoodX co-founder Constantine Valhouli, "For these listings, the buildable potential of the land drives the asking price, rather than the built residential square footage."