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Alamo Drafthouse goes full carny with new Mueller spot

Bar(rel) of Fun bar and event space will open with movie theater

Corner of a two-story commercial building with part metal/part glass walls, balcony, under construction
Alamo Drafthouse, Mueller location, under construction
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

The Alamo Drafthouse has always had a freaky bent, but with its new Mueller location, it will go full carnival, a development was reported last week by our sibling site, Eater Austin.

As with many of its other locations, the new theater will have a separate bar, this one to be a family-friendly event space by day and a bar featuring barrel-aged brews and craft cocktails by night—and carnival-themed 24/7.

That means carnival games, freak show posters, a big stage for live music and events, and, we are confident, many more exciting decorative elements. The space, which will open concurrent with the theater, scheduled for early 2017, will be called Barrel of Fun—until 5pm, when the “rel’ portion of the lighted sign fizzles out and it becomes Bar of Fun. Clever!

The new Drafthouse will be located not far from the Thinkery, the children’s museum/learning space in the bustling new planned community in central northwest Austin. In addition to be available for kids’ events and activities, Barrel of Fun will also provide space for teen performances, gaming events, and other fun stuff for teenagers.

Alamo Drafthouse Brings the Carnival to Mueller With New Bar [Eater Austin]