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Salute Carrie Fisher tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse’s light-saber vigil

Would you expect anything less?

black and white photo of Fisher dressed as Princess Leia, laughing, with two people dressed as storm troopers from the movie holding her arms
Carrie Fisher goofing around with a couple of stormtroopers
via Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar will honor and commemorate the passing of Carrie Fisher with a light-saber vigil at the theater tonight. Fisher, who passed away Tuesday, was a beloved actress from the original Star Wars and other films, laceratingly funny and fearlessly honest author and interview, unattributed screenplay fixer, and a sort of unofficial spokeswoman on experiencing the collision of aging, gender, and Hollywood.

Fisher was also lauded for her openness about suffering from bipolar disease and is credited with doing much to help destigmatize mental illness. Her most recent book was Princess Diarist, published in November, which is essentially the diaries she wrote while playing Princess Leia in the first Star Wars movie and had only recently discovered in her home.

The Drafthouse tribute will start at 6:30 pm Wednesday, Jan. 28. The theater is encouraging those attending bring along as many light sabers as possible (flashlights and glow sticks are also acceptable), dress as their favorite characters from the first Star Wars series, and brighten the sky in memory of a woman who inspired many, on and off screen.