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Downtown Westin hotel files suit over loud music

If it’s too loud ...

Circus-y looking bright red mural that reads “Austin Texas Live Music Capital of the World
Sixth Street mural behind Westin
Creative Commons/mural by Heyd Fontenot

In the kind of local irony that has become all too common, a hotel that foregrounds the Austin music scene in its marketing has filed a suit against an adjacent music venue over its late-night volume, according to a Wednesday report on the website of KEYE-TV, the local CBS affiliate.

The news station reported that the Downtown Austin Westin has filed a lawsuit against Nook Amphitheater next door, claiming that late-night loud music from the venue is hurting the hotel’s business.

The Westin is located at the corner of East Fifth Street and San Jacinto Boulevard, one block from Austin’s historic East Sixth Street music strip. According to the KEYE story, the hotel spent $1 million during construction, and has spent another $1 million since, to block noise from downtown music.

The report added that the owner of open-air venue Nook said the club attempts to cooperate with the city and that it has not violated any noise ordinances.

The article also quoted a release from the Westin, which urges visitors to “Explore the Live Music Capital of the World From Our Downtown Austin Hotel” on its home page, that reads: “The music scene in Austin is one of the biggest draws to the city, and The Westin Austin Downtown's proximity to 6th Street is a big part of the appeal for our hotel guests. We support the city’s title as ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ while also ensuring that those that visit can also enjoy their stay with manageable noise levels.” (Someone has also apparently changed the hotel’s description on an embedded map to “crusher of local music venues.”)

The lawsuit specifically alludes to the "chest thumping bass" emanating from the club until 2 a.m., according to the KEYE report—an interesting detail, especially in light of an observation made by longtime local music writer Michael Corcoran on his Facebook page that the Nook hosts live music until 10 p.m. and then switch to DJs playing dance music for the rest of the night. It’s possible that the fight is not over live music after all.

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