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Call for nominations: The Curbed Cup is coming!

What is this year’s No. 1 neighborhood? You tell us.

A mural that looks like a vintage postcard that says "Greetings From Austin"
South Austin mural
Creative Commons license

It's officially December, which can only mean one thing: It's time for the annual Curbed Cup! For the past decade, Curbed readers have chosen their best neighborhoods in a oft-heated competition that celebrates local pride as much as it does civic developments.

The extra-exciting part is that this will be Austin’s first year to be part of what will surely be a fierce competition among our citizens to recognize the best neighborhood in the city.

Much like on a March Madness bracket, 8 neighborhoods will face off in this year's Curbed Cup tournament. Which 8 should they be? That’s up to you, dear readers. Drop your nominations in the comments of this post or e-mail them over to us. And we don't just want neighborhood names; we want to know why this particular neighborhood matters right now. Is it home to a game-changing megaproject? Has its restaurant scene blown up? Is it home to one of the city's best shopping districts? Does it have the best holiday parades or art fairs? Perhaps it’s just a joy to ramble around in. Whatever it is, we want to know what happened in 2016 that sets your favorite neighborhood apart.