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Affordable housing plan moves forward at city

Council approves AISD property bids

Overhead photo of a block of office buildings
Carruth Administration Center

An affordable housing plan that involves the city, Travis County, and The Austin Independent School District took a step forward Thursday, according to a Friday Austin Monitor report. According to the Monitor, the city will bid on 10 AISD properties for an amount not to exceed $2.88 million.

As we reported then, AISD put 10 of its properties on the market in October, requesting proposals to buy, lease, or develop them in a manner in some way beneficial to the public.

In addition to traditional purchase and development offers, AISD announced at the time that it was looking for groups interested in developing community opportunities to submit proposals.

The properties include the district’s Carruth Administration Center at 1111 West Sixth Street; the Allan Center (formerly Allan Elementary School) in East Austin, downtown Texas historic landmark The Millet House, the Baker Center (formerly Baker Elementary) in Hyde Park, and vacant parcels in north, south, and east Austin.

The Monitor story noted that other entities are entering bids that are presumably competitive, but that AISD has made public its support of the city’s bidding and has assisted in identifying its properties that might work well for affordable housing. Bids will be accepted through Dec .14.

Here is the full list of the AISD properties on the market:

• Carruth Administration Center at 1111 West Sixth Street

• Allan Center at 4900 Gonzalez Street

• Baker Center at 3908 Avenue B

• Millett Opera House (aka Austin Club) at 110 East Ninth Street

• 9.318 acres of land south of Alpine Road, adjacent to AISD Central Warehouse

• 1.234 acres of land at Doris and Hathaway Drive

• 31.987 acres of land at the southwest corner of US Highway 183 and Loyola Lane

• 12 acres of land on East 51st Street, adjacent to AISD Service Center

• 7.96 acres of land at the southeast corner of Tannehill Lane and Jackie Robinson Street

• 12.496 acres of land at 4806 Trail West Drive

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