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Frank Lloyd Wright Student House Asks $1.6M

Organic architecture classic

Real-estate and architecture enthusiasts sometimes get overly enthusiastic about using the name "Frank Lloyd Wright." This house in West Lake Hills is not merely "Frank Lloyd Wright-styled" or vaguely influenced, though; it's actually designed by a student of Wright's, John Covert Watson. Austin architect Watson studied under Wright during the famed architect's later years, while the Guggenheim as being built.

Watson was particularly drawn to the offshoot of modernism known as "organic architecture," and that affinity is clear in this Spillar Lane home, nestled above a wooded canyon and featuring undulating lines, loads of natural features, and a literal blending of indoors with what's directly outside. In addition to a one-of-a-kind pool, the back of the house features several decks and opens up to views, trails, and gardens.

Built in 1978, the unique home has been on and off the market for several years and is currently listed for $1,595,000.