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A Low-Key Condo With Downtwown Perks

Walkable city living

When people consider living downtown, the first images that usually come to mind are lofts above a bustling street or deluxe apartments in the sky. They often forget about the quiet, small-scale westerly neighborhood just east of Lamar, between Ninth and 11th Streets.

That's a good thing, actually, as it keeps the leafy streets—lined with modest historic homes, independent law offices, coffee shops, and hair salons—peaceful and the neighbors personable. It's still central and convenient, though, hitting that sweet walkable spot to downtown, campus, and Shoal Creek trails.

This 1/1 condo in a modern but mellow building is a great example of what's available in the area. At $369,900, it has wood floors, granite counters, and—wait for it—solar panels on top to help with the electric bill.