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See Austin Boom Right Before Your Eyes

Lew Card's "Condo Town Rag" is a mesmerizing loop of old and new.

Musician Lew Card gets regular props for his country-inflected roots rock. His latest claim to fame, though, might be the video for a new song, "Condo Town Rag," that laments living in a boomtown—this boomtown, to be exact.

By layering and unlayering old and new photos of iconic Austin spaces, it creates a sort of time-lapse back and forth that's mesmerizing. It's appropriately low-tech-looking for its subject: human hands glue on layers and then tear them off, and it seems at least one person in the world is still good with an X-Acto knife.

The production is professional, though, and while the song relates sorrow, the video leaves the viewer more ambivalent, maybe even fascinated by the excavation.