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Austin Curbed Comparisons: What $800 Gets You

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Austin neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $800.

↑ To be honest, we found slim pickings at our price point. This perky studio on Dryfield, off Research near Anderson Lane, is a gem among them. It's a decent size for the money—400 square feet starting at $775—and the layout and wood floors make it seem modern and airy. The small Dryfield Studios complex is fairly close to both the train line and rapid-transit stations, and nearby areas are starting to boom with new restaurants and entertainment options. Pets are welcome, with a slightly higher deposit for dogs over 40 pounds. The Dryfield is currently offering half off your first month's rent.

↑ What this Brentwood one-bedroom on Joe Sayers Avenue lacks in amenities it makes up for in size, location, and retro flair. Built in 1966, it boasts some colorful, space-age sass outside. The interior is basic but looks well-maintained and, at 625 square feet, roomy for the $800 price point. It's an easy walk to groceries, restaurants, and shopping.

↑ This Springdale studio seems to take its Scandinavian-style simplicity seriously. Since the apartments were built in the 1960s, that makes a certain amount of sense, though the exterior doesn't seem to harbor the same ambitions. The wood floors, white walls and kitchen, and sunny windows serve the idea well, though, and if residents can manage to keep its 437 square feet uncluttered, the space could be tranquil indeed. It's wedged in a nice East Austin area between the Canopy art studio complex and Boggy Creek, which provide plenty of kinds of walkable bliss.

↑ Back in Delwood, this Woodrow Avenue one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is small but serviceable. With wood floors, a galley kitchen, and a in a small complex with a lush lawn, it looks like a solid place for $795/month. It's on a main bus route, and North Lamar is a short walk away.

↑ On Romeria Drive, we find a lovely, 495-square-foot one-bedroom apartment. The complex has made the most of its wood floors and simple design, and the kitchen and bedroom both read roomy, as do the closets. The familiar all-white paint scheme, if one adds splashes of color furniture and fixtures (see: staging), makes it a warm, inviting-looking space.