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Contemporary Brentwood Condo, New Build Asks $515K

Sassy home meets older neighborhood, things click

Brentwood is a pretty down-to-earth neighborhood. Located east of Burnet Road and north of Koenig Lane, it's a leafy, close-knit place where most of the homes are modest bungalows or ranch houses, updated or not. You'd think a newly built, bright white, contemporary condo would stick out, but this one at 1703 Alguno Road looks like it fits right in.

Built in the currently raging modern farmhouse style, it's set back from the street by a xeriscaped lawn. Behind its bright orange door lie floors made of polished concrete and reclaimed wood, bright walls and big windows, stainless Bosch appliances, and granite or marble countertops, depending on whether you're in the kitchen or the bathroom. It has three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and weighs in at 1,671 square feet.