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This 1910 Castle Hill Home Might Have Been Built by Elves

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But probably wasn't

The first things you might notice about this Old West Austin home is that it is not from this century (it was built in 1910), and it has a sweet wraparound porch. The second is that the inside seems to have been staged by Christmas elves—possibly ones who just got back from Oaxaca, judging from the figures on the stairsteps. Beyond the tchotchkes (or not, if you are partial to tchotchkes) is a rare find: a stylish, well-kept home in the Castle Hill Historic District of Old West Austin. It's close to the Clarksville/North Lamar strips and has downtown and western views, as well as 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms in 2,182 square feet. It's on the market for $1.45M.