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Uber, Lyft Get Pushback on Ridesharing Proposal

Regulation rollback gets flak

After months of lobbying and signature gathering, Ridesharing Works for Austin is getting pushback on its anti-regulation fight, reports the Austin Monitor. The group recently waged a successful battle to get an Uber/Lyft-sponsored proposal to roll back ridesharing regulations on a ballot for citywide vote in May.

Now an as yet unnamed group has come forward to work on fighting the proposal. The Monitor spoke to local political consultant Mark Littlefield, whose description of the movement makes it look like it's in the early stages of development.

The political news site also reported that the Travis County Democratic Party will throw its weight behind defeating the ballot measure.

Both groups are taking the stance that corporations shouldn't be allowed to make their own regulations, something they think the ridesharing companies are attempting to do with their ballot proposal.

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