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This Capitol-Area Apartment Is Over-the-Top in Every Way

Adore the penthouse views for $2.35M

You can look past the amalgamation of mirrors, chandeliers, velvet, and glass-and-gold knickknacks here (maybe) and see what was likely a cutting-edge, open, modern, glass-walled apartment when the building—actually called The Penthouse—was built in 1964.

But why would you want to? The decor, (mayyyybe a riff on Hollywood Regency?) is bound to make whoever lives there look, feel, and act far more glamorous than they would otherwise. With its giant mirror-partition, gold-leaf benches, and its full, yellow-enameled rolling bar cart, it looks like the kind of place where it would be okay to smoke inside (we're sure it's not, though).

Plus, all that stuff gives you something to work through while you get to the outside decks, two of them, with some crazy amazing views (and what looks like it could be a bridge table), right in line with the Capitol, and no other tall buildings nearby. The whole thing has two stories, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, tons of living areas, and two covered parking spaces. It's the only residence on the top floor, too—an old-school penthouse, and a rare specimen.

Want to see an aerial video? Here you go:

Penthouse Condominiums

1212 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78701