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Quirky Cherrywood Charmer Asks $525K

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Updated East Austin bungalow

Even from the outside, it's easy to see the appeal of this classic East Austin bungalow, built in 1939. The real hook, though, lies in the inventive way it's been redone inside.

As is the current preference, walls have clearly been removed in some places and built in others, but unlike a lot of remodels, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house doesn't immediately telegraph its former floor plan. It's an eclectic mix of open, clean/IKEA-ish design and such homey touches as a freestanding fireplace and original-looking, painted wood ceilings.

The inevitable sunken, closed-in porch/study is handled gracefully and leads to a private, leafy patio, so there's still ample outdoor space. It's a sweet gem in a neighborhood that's all the lovelier for being underhyped.