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Architectural Standout in Tarrytown Asks $2.42M

An outstanding case of concrete, artfully applied

A new four-bedroom, four-bathroom home on the market bears the stamp of its designers, Austin's Baldrige Architects, with unique features that don't sacrifice livability. Both main and lower levels feature judiciously deployed concrete walls with textured, interesting finishes.

The upper floor is the showstopping zone, with two bedrooms and all the main living areas, including light-harvesting features and large windows that maintain privacy but allow ample dappled light filtered through the property's mature trees.

There's a red casual eating area in the kitchen that one can definitely say "pops," a see-through fireplace, and a two-car garage.

The 4,425-square-foot house is well-placed on its relatively modest lot, and the bottom level opens to a patio and grass yard, not far from the wet bar.