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The Best Things We Saw at SXSW Music 2016, Aside From Some Showcases

Okay, it's furniture—but it's music-related furniture

We didn't go to the SXSW Music 2016 Flatstock event expecting to find beautiful furniture and organizational items, but there they were.

The annual Flatstock 53 show, which spotlights poster art, is always a visual feast. Presented by the American Poster Institute, it takes place alongside the Music Gear Expo and features delicious eyefuls of poster art and artists from all over the world.

If one were, hypothetically speaking, wandering around in an overstimulated haze at this year's event, though, one could (or, let's be honest did) stumble across the Kate Koeppel Design booth. There, one would find many wonders for keepers of recorded music in physical form.

There were, for instance, Koeppel's lovely and practical record dividers:

They come in a variety of forms, so you can organize your vinyl how you prefer—by alphabet, genre, decade, that sort of thing.

She designs CD organizers, too, along with lots of other stylish music-related items, including totes and storage cabinets.

Koeppel Design's booth also featured some gorgeous, custom-designed furniture by Atocha Design that will set the hearts of style-conscious music lovers alight—a mod vinyl storage hutch, an elegant and gorgeous stereo cabinet, and a lovely, record-store-style vinyl rack. All work perfectly in tandem with Koeppel's organizers.

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