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Never Mind the Bubble: Here Are 15 Area Listings for Under $100K

Hope for home buyers, maybe

Why, yes, there has been a lot of recent (and not-so-recent) news about home prices that seem to be spiraling ever out of reach, especially for people looking to buy their first homes. Sort of like the housing bubble itself—which is starting to look a lot less ephemeral than an actual bubble—those reports never seem to go away completely.

Would-be buyers in the Austin area might take a tiny bit of encouragement from a new report by NeighborhoodX, however. The real estate analytics company, which focuses its research to an almost micro-local level, has turned up 15 active local home sales listings for under $100,000.

As one might expect, there are some mobile homes and some fixer-uppers here—but not all of them. In addition, while none is located in downtown, exactly, many are still in fairly dense Austin areas.

If nothing else, it might be a way for buyers to talk themselves off the ledge. Even if these properties aren't their cup of tea, there might, maybe, possibly be something within reach.

You can see the full, interactive NeighborhoodX report with more details here.

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