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Austin Modern Home Tour's Enduring Allure

They're beautiful inside

The Austin Modern Home Tour is always such a kick. Since 2009, the self-guided tour has exposed scads of Austinites to local architectural gems we might not have known existed otherwise. The great thing about it is that it's not fussy or strict about its interpretation of the word "modern." Tours include both classic modern homes designed by some of Austin's most distinguished architects and contemporary updates on homes not necessarily built with modernism in mind.

That fun, loose attitude is built into the structure of the tour, during which participants drive or walk around at their own pace and are greeted by homeowners, architects, and designers at each residence on the map. There are no lectures or presentations, just a chance to meet, greet, and ask burning questions.

This year's tour features 12 homes in all quadrants of central Austin, and will feature work by names both familiar and new, including Bercy/Chen Studio, Barley Pfeiffer Architecture, and Moontower Design/Build.

Here's a peek at a few of the homes on the map.

↑ 3305 Garden Villa, North Arrow Studio

↑ 2708 Townes Lane, Bercy Chen Studio

↑ 2002 Peoples Street, Newcastle Homes

↑ 2405 Rockingham Circle, Steve Zagorski Architects