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Buy Austin's First Soap and Candle Factory for $800K

1864 landmark includes reception hall and guest quarters

The historic Jacob Leser House was built in 1864, but it looks like you can visit several 20th century areas as well on a tour of its interior. German-born Leser built the house next two his log-cabin factory after marrying and added on to it over the years; it was restored and enlarged in 1952, which looks to be the last time the interiors were updated.

The Central Austin limestone, brick, and frame house, a Texas historic landmark, features almost 3,000 square feet of eclectically decorated interior space in a two-building complex. The main has a reception hall, formal living and dining rooms, two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, baths, a library/studio, fireplace, original windows, and 12-foot ceilings. It also has what looks like a nice-sized front porch with gingerbread trim.

An adjacent guest house, which shares a patio, yard, and stone wall with the main house, has one bedroom, one, kitchen, living areas, and workshop/storage room.

For an extra $475,000 the whole shebang can be purchased with the bungalow next door.