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Rise Luxury Apartments Betting on Room at the Top

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New building tops off at Eighth and Nueces

The company that helped bring us the Independent—the 58-story "Jenga" building going up at West Third Street and West Avenue—just topped off a new building, the Austin Business Journal reports.

Rise — Eighth & Nueces (apparently its full name), a 22-story luxury apartment building at 805 Nueces, should be open by the end of 2016, according to the Journal. The vice president of Aspen Heights, the Austin-based developer on the project, told ABJ he thinks there's still room in the high-end rental market, especially since the Rise is in a historic, smaller-scale area of downtown.

Local architectural firm Rhode: Partners is designing Rise. Rhode is also designing the Independent, which Aspen Heights, in partnership with Austin's Constructive Ventures, is building.

Going up: See what's rising at Eighth and Nueces streets [ABJ]