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Carousel Plans Are Still Up in the Air, Says CM Tovo's Office

Austin awaits its pretty ponies

Plans for a vintage carousel to be installed somewhere in the central city, by the city, seem to be on indefinite hold, according to the Austin Monitor (whom we love for not forgetting about this kind of thing).

In December 2014, the Monitor reminds us, Council Member Kathie Tovo proposed that the city put a vintage carousel in public area, and the then at-large council passed the item on the consensus agenda.

In the interim, many burning sharing-economy issues arose, and plans never moved forward. Merry-go-rounders will be delighted to learn that the Monitor's Caleb Pritchard spoke about the matter with a Tovo aide, who said that the project has no timeline, but it is still on the office's radar.

Possible locations for the ride include Brush Square, Palm Park, and somewhere near the downtown Holiday Inn.