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1916 Barn Transformed Into Nifty Farmhouse With Mod Touches

There might also be a windmill involved

The fact that you would get to live on a street called Gallant Fox should be motivation enough to buy this house. Built by Austin-based Reclaimed Space out of materials from an old Nebraska barn, the Southwest Austin home looks like a dream for fans of the reclaimed-rustic genre (and there are many).

With an open design, shining polished concrete floors, and well-deployed barn-door installations, the home is nicely placed on 1.6 acres and includes such great and useful features as a four-car garage, 10,000-gallon rainwater collection system, nice xeriscaping, and an attached one-bedroom, one-bathroom studio.

With a couple of exceptions, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house is free of countrified touches that could make all the wood and tin overwhelming; the overall feeling is modern and peaceful—a style Reclaimed Space excels in.

Photographs indicate that there might or might not also be a windmill on the property, which is on the market for $749,000.