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To Builders' Frustrations, City Extends Overnight Concrete-Pouring Ban

Sleep tight, downtown—for now

A 2014 temporary ban on late-night concrete pouring downtown has been extended, according to the Austin Business Journal.

The Austin City Council approved extension of the ban on the consent agenda at its regular Thursday meeting, the Journal reported, adding that the rule, which limits the nighttime pouring of concrete from 7pm to 2am, has now been extended four times.

KXAN-TV's website has reported that downtown residents objected to construction noise in the area, on the rise along with the new buildings, but that builders say the concrete needs to cure during those relatively cool hours and that crews benefit from the lack of traffic during that time.

The Journal noted that developers prefer pouring happen during the currently banned hours because working around normal downtown traffic can cause them to miss construction deadlines.

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