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Beautifully Renovated Modern in Rollingwood Asks $1.53M

Owners stayed true to 1950 design with updates and additions

It's rare that an FSBO (that's "For Sale by Owner," as you know) home is as well-marketed or looks as good as this Rollingwood ranch house.

The owners have updated the place since 2001, when they bought it, and they made some great choices in the process. They also put on an addition that enhanced and fit with the original 1950 design, creating both a screened-in porch and well-executed under-the-stairs living room (a tricky proposition).

The 3,474-square-foot house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, along with the above-mentioned porch and other decks, hardwood floors throughout, and .6-acre lot with mature oaks.

An extraordinary blend of 1950s ranch and modern additions [owner/seller website]