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Surf Park Is Still in Development Pipeline, Despite Lagoon Confusion

NLand hangs on to spring opening date in face of permitting issues

As first reported in the Austin Monitor, the NLand Surf Park slated to open soon in Del Valle recently got hung up in a permitting issue at the county.

According to Surfline, which is sourced to the Monitor story, the root of the problem is that surf parks are new to Texas (Schlitterbahn's standing-wave, finless-board pool is a different animal), and the state and county are just trying to catch up. It seems that county officials are of the opinion that the park's lagoon should be deemed a pool, while NLand's developers disagree.

In addition, reported the Monitor and Surfline, damages to the pool lining need to be repaired.

Nevertheless, according to NLand's Chris Jones, the park is still on track to open this spring.

"Our commissioning period is ongoing, and our initial tests have identified areas for improvement—and repair—in the lagoon," he wrote Curbed Austin by e-mail on April 5. "This hasn’t delayed our open; we’re still on track to open this spring."

Until then: wax on, wax off.

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