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This $3.4M Family Estate Needs Someone to Love It

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Must adore wallpaper

No one can say for sure why 6,488-square-foot, walled estate in a prime location near Mount Bonnell has been on the market longer than any other Austin-area home on the MLS. But we think it might have something to do with the wallpaper.

More generally, it looks like the family that has owned it for several decades fancies the 1972 house—designed by the fairly high-profile local architect Leon Chandler—into a sort of mini-Versailles (which is in fact the model for its staircase) without the proper square footage.

Despite the fact that the exterior includes the of French gestures popular in 1970s houses, townhomes, and even apartment complexes, the interior spaces, with five bedrooms and five and half baths, just don't have the vastness to pull of the grandiosity of a ceiling from an Austrian palace, 18th-century carriage doors, loads of Fortuny fabric, and, mostly, the miles of floral, busy wallpaper that can induce mild claustrophobia if not outright panic.

Then again, there's someone for every home out there (or so we're told). If only there were a for houses.