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Car-Free High-Rise Slated for the Heart of Congress Avenue

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The Avenue is planned as a 30-story tower with no parking facilities

Now that, according to the Austin American-Statesman, the city has waived parking requirements for new downtown projects, Austin's first "car free" building (that means it won't have any parking) is being planned for the corner of East Eighth Street and Congress Avenue.

Dubbed "The Avenue," the planned 30-story building will house, wait for it, 135 luxury apartments, as well as office space, a restaurant, and a bar.

The Avenue will cap the north end of the block where the State and Paramount theaters, operated by the Austin Theatre Alliance, have long stood. According to the Statesman, the alliance will get administrative space, dressing rooms, classrooms, and other support facilities in the new building.

The building is being planned by Congress Development Partners, the Statesman reports, which is led by Austin architect Brad Nelson. Nelson told the paper he thinks Austin's transportation options can now support the carless concept, pointing to successful examples of such buildings in Portland, Denver, Seattle, and New York (though is that last one too surprising?).

Nelson also indicated that the tower would be hopping on the trend of downsized housing, with units ranging from 420 square feet to 970 square feet. He told the Statesman that units will have rents approximately 15 percent lower than current downtown rates; right now, a one-bedroom can range from $2,100 a month to $2,300 a month, according to the developer.

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