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Swede Hill Cottage With Reclaimed Everything Asks $529K

This home's appeal will vary according to how you feel about current design trends

Okay, this 1920s home was not remodeled entirely with reclaimed materials. It's more like the re-do exposed and stayed true to the original, fairly humble structure (wooden walls and floors)—and maybe a door or two—adding some old-timey pendant lamps and a modern white kitchen along the way.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom home is classic for its historic Swede Hill neighborhood, in Central East Austin. Despite its proximity to downtown, neighbors have managed to maintain a close-knit, quiet, residential feel in the area.

The 1,248-square-foot home has been changed to have the kind of open floor plan more popular today, and a
2015 remodel included windows, HVAC, pvc plumbing, foundation, electrical service, and bathroom and kitchen upgrades.

1011 East 14th Street [Redfin]