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Look Inside the Mod Homes of Midcentury Austin You Can Visit This Weekend

A peek at what you'll see on this year's historic homes tour

During the late 1940s, Austin was not all that different from how it is today: booming, building, and prone to traffic jams. That's according to Preservation Austin, the nonprofit that works to keep the city's heritage—particularly its important structures—alive.

Many of the central-city neighborhoods that developed after World War II maintain a continuity with their midcentury roots. This weekend's Preservation Austin’s Historic Homes Tour will showcase eight of them—all in the Allandale, Brentwood, and Crestview neighborhoods—that embody the best qualities of their time while continuing to be beautiful and highly functional places to live in the present. Here's peek at some of them.

2016 Historic Homes Tour: Austin's Post-War Boom [Preservation Austin]