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How Much It Costs to Rent in Austin Right Now, Mapped by Neighborhood

Apparently, location is important

As with anywhere in the whole wide world (probably), how much rent one pays to live in Austin depends primarily on where in Austin one lives.

National rental site Zumper reported in January that Austin is the 20th most expensive rental market in the country (sandwiched right between Dallas and Houston). Today the company released its spring rent report, based on data from its listings. It confirms that status, citing a median rent of $1,150 for a one-bedroom unit and $1,500 median for two bedrooms.

The report also maps what renters in different Austin neighborhoods pay for a one-bedroom unit. It notes that Downtown Austin ($1,900 median) is the most expensive area for renters right now and that East Cesar Chavez ($1,650), Holly ($1,625), and Old West Austin ($1,600) aren't far behind.

More of what one might say are more reasonable options (in the $900-$1,00 range) can be found in Windsor Park, Montopolis, and on and around the University of Texas campus (though the latter might include on-campus dorm rates, which seems a little weird).

You can read the full Zumper report for Austin here.

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